Seagate Game Drive and Plantronics Rig LX Video Review

This week, two new pieces of hardware were sent to Mouse n Joypad for review; Seagate’s 2 Terabyte 3.0 External Drive for the Xbox One and 360, and Plantronic’s Rig Flex LX Gaming Headset.  Trevor got to sit down with both to try them out.

The Rig Flex LX is a great entry level headset with interchangeable microphones; one focused on providing clear in-game audio and the other for your cell phone.  The headset also comes with an advanced audio adapter that provides a range of options for the Xbox One controller.

The Seagate Game Drive for Xbox offers two terabytes of storage space for use on your console.  The drive is plug-and-play, allowing you to migrate your drive between systems with ease.  It connects through the 3.0 USB port, allowing for the fastest transfers possible on the system.

Watch the video to hear Trevor’s thoughts on both of these products, and make sure you subscribe for future videos and reviews.


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