Rocket League: Dropshot Quick Video Review

I mentioned in my last review, I’m a huge fan of Rocket League, and why wouldn’t I be? They are constantly updating their game with new vehicles and exciting game modes, from basketball to hockey, and not to mention it has CARS PLAYING SOCCER! It’s awesome! Of course, now they’re doing a volleyball/tennis kinda thing, and it’s just making me wonder when they’re going to release a billiards version, or hell- let’s do croquette while we’re at it!

So, this new mode is called Dropshot, and it’s basically a competitive version of Breakout. Your goal is to keep the ball on your opponent’s side of the arena and to knock out enough sections until you can open yourself up for a downward shot through the floor. The developers at Psyonix have wisely dropped boost pick ups in favor of a replenishing system that encourages everyone to keep those balls in the air (Keep those balls in the air clip). Each time your side touches the ball, the destructive power switches back to your side, meaning the ball will only knock out panels as long as it was your team’s strike. This also allows you to keep the ball on your side without fear of opening any more goals. It’s like Splatoon, in that this contest is all about getting that free real estate (free real estate).

Overall, it’s a really fun mode and anyone who already owns a copy should probably hop in and give it some playtime. If you don’t own the game already- what’s wrong with you? Seriously- what’s wrong? I gave the game a 9 out of ten, with my biggest complaint being the lack of map diversity, so what’s keeping you from picking it up?

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