Soul Axiom Review

 Soul Axiom is one of those games that’s a real mixture of too smart, too slow, too engaging and too simple for its own good. It has everything you want in this kind of experience, but it makes you work for it. The engaging storyline and tough puzzles don’t kick in until halfway through the experience that ends on a much stronger note. Like a … Continue reading Soul Axiom Review

Fragments Of Him Video Review

Fragments of Him is an empathy game, through and through. If you’re not into these kinds of games, list it as a ‘walking simulator’ and keep on stepping. If you’re into emotional experiences, know that this isn’t the best out there. It feels pretty amateurish; like an ambitious and heartfelt project that turned into a sophomore’s poem. There are some impressive moments, brilliant camera work … Continue reading Fragments Of Him Video Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Eclipse Review

Eclipse is a pretty standard DLC package at best, and a stroke job at worst. Not only do the maps feel tired and haphazardly thrown together, but they don’t offer much regarding strategic diversity. There is one map that’s fun, and like Nuketown and other fantastic maps, it’s the ones that step away from the narratively sensitive and decides to slum it at a place … Continue reading Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Eclipse Review

Corpse Party Review

 Corpse Party is everything you want in a scary game. It’s mood and tone pull you in and never seem to let you go. The haunting story is one that’s guaranteed to make you cringe and explores some heavy themes and horrifying scenarios. While the game does show its age, the developers are like no-armed artists who have painted a fantastically frightening landscape with their … Continue reading Corpse Party Review

Goetia Video Review

Goetia is one of those games that seems like it’s going to be good but then wows you with how exceptional it is. From the masterful storytelling, nerve-rattling audio and jaw-dropping visuals, this game deserves recognition for its near flawless composition. The story of a young woman’s spirit digging through a gigantic tomb in search of her family’s downfall is so poignant and engaging that … Continue reading Goetia Video Review

I Want To Be Human Review

I’m not going to mince words- I did not enjoy my time with ‘I Want To Be Human.’ Outside of the game’s buggy and outdated gameplay, it lacks anything memorable or interesting enough to keep anyone’s attention for very long. Sure, it’s quirky- but it’s that kind of humor that’s weird for cringy sake. If you can get past the poor controls and frustrating level … Continue reading I Want To Be Human Review

Speedrunners Review

 Speedrunners is a nearly perfect game for what it is. A simple 2D foot race, that with practice can become a hyper fast, adrenaline pumping whirlwind of perfectly timed swings and dashes. It brought me back to my childhood and made me wish I had hours upon hours to spend becoming proficient at its “hard to master” gameplay. All the characters are ridiculously imaginative, and … Continue reading Speedrunners Review

NightCry Video Review

I’m a huge fan of the classic Clock Tower series- and so because of that, I’m sure I’m a little partial. If you’re a fan too, you might get a kick out of this new game by Hifumi Kono. It’s a little pricey, but the Italian/Japanese horror inspirations and subtextual motifs make for a fantastic experience. If you’re not familiar with the Clock Tower franchise, … Continue reading NightCry Video Review

Epistory: Typing Chronicles Review

Epistory nails a lot of the hallmarks of a good adventure game, but it’s interesting typing premise brings down the experience. While I respect their ambitions to make a game where you switch between movement and typing, it might take you a long while before you feel comfortable with the setup. It’s not a bad game by any means, and if you’re looking for a … Continue reading Epistory: Typing Chronicles Review

Sheltered Video Review

Sheltered takes all the best ideas from previous games, and combines them into a rich and nerve-racking experience that fans of the genre will love. Venturing out into an irradiated wasteland in search of life-saving tools and supplies is without a doubt more rewarding when you plot the course and call the shots. Maintaining the bunker and choosing who you invite in can be terrifying … Continue reading Sheltered Video Review