Deponia Doomsday Video Review

I love Daedalic Entertainment. They’re single-handedly showing that Point and Click Adventures are still a viable source for thoughtful and engaging entertainment. While Deponia Doomsday isn’t my favorite of the series, it’s still worth journeying through once again. The story isn’t as focused as it could’ve been and spends most of its time justifying the trilogy’s ending in some moments that feel more like lecturing … Continue reading Deponia Doomsday Video Review

Deponia Trilogy Recap and Thoughts

Droggeljug. Droggeljug. Droggeljug. Okay- insider jokes aside, I was recently given the privilege to review Deponia Doomsday, the fourth entry in the Deponia series.  Developed by Daedalic Entertainment, the ‘trilogy’s’ third entry was released on 2013, so it’s been awhile since I played the games.  So, I decided it would awesome to jump back into the series for a little recap on the outlandish and … Continue reading Deponia Trilogy Recap and Thoughts

Trulon: The Shadow Engine Review

While it’s based on a novelized series, Trulon feels like a shell of a narrative experience.  The story in paper thin and the characters aren’t given any real development.  The combat system is inventive and embraces the charm of MTG and other tabletop games, but bogs down the experience with unnecessarily tedious and repetitive animations.  The game was designed for mobile gamers, and the developers … Continue reading Trulon: The Shadow Engine Review

Heaven’s Hope Review

 Heaven’s Hope is a mediocre game at best.  It really doesn’t have a ton to offer veteran players, and the challenge is almost non-existent. Worst of all, the game feels like one of those Christian pamphlets you get on your car window.  Given the subject matter, it is refreshing that the game condemns zealotry while promoting rationalism.  I enjoyed the spiritual and moral aspects of … Continue reading Heaven’s Hope Review

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Video Review

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is an adequate game if you’re already familiar with the series. It does lack the wow factor to bring in any new gamers however.  While the Vita port is visually dynamic and offers an excellent approach to character conversations, it does not have a fundamental grasp on good RPG combat.  I was able to breeze through the game by using auto-battle … Continue reading Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Video Review

Between Me and The Night Review

I wish I could say I loved this game.  It’s the kind of experience we need more of in our ‘Generic Knight’, beat up the bad guy era of gaming.  I’m a defender of empathy games, and I love putting myself in the shoes of other people.  While it doesn’t commit the cardinal sin of being boring, it does lack a clear direction.  After two … Continue reading Between Me and The Night Review

Death By Game Show Review

Mike Judge should be blushing because this new take on the strategy genre has been infused with his magical extract of vulgarity and satire.  Regarding style, the game has a distinct feel.  The speedy gameplay has an innovative approach.  Sadly, the execution is entirely off, and everything from the mechanics to the audio comes across as muddled and half-baked.  There’s simply too many missing opportunities … Continue reading Death By Game Show Review

Tachyon Project Review

Tachyon Project is an interesting shooter that has a lot going for it.  Its time-based system offers a great benefit to the truly brave and agile, rewarding those who ride combos without getting scratched.  You’re also given a story about hacking to add some contextual weight to your actions, including some flavor text to go along with each mission.  While the art design and audio … Continue reading Tachyon Project Review

Loot Hound Review

Loot Hound is everything that’s wrong with mobile gaming in a PC package, and without the benefit of buying your way past all the grinding.  The gameplay lacks motivation or consequence, and the developers failed to implement any challenge.  While there’s some strategy on what stats to spend your points on, it’s mostly a mindless slog through redundancy.  The levels lack anything memorable, and the … Continue reading Loot Hound Review