Crimson Room: Decade Review

Crimson Room: Decade will not be on anyone’s favorite puzzle games list. It’s aggravatingly unfair and lacks any imagination for a game that proudly proclaims ten years of experience. The unnecessarily complicated storyline is delivered so fast and then is completely forgotten when some discovery could’ve made it another mystery to solve. The actual puzzles are so asinine, that you’ll usually think there’s something more … Continue reading Crimson Room: Decade Review

You’re a Monochrome Gangster Battling Colorful Monsters In ‘Timothy vs The Aliens’

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster… In a game. Not in real life- that’d be just terrifying. But, if there were one thing that always came in a close second, it would be taking on an alien invasion. I know, I was a weird child. Well, I guess my dreams are finally coming true because a game … Continue reading You’re a Monochrome Gangster Battling Colorful Monsters In ‘Timothy vs The Aliens’

The Technomancer Shows Off New E3 Trailer

Who wouldn’t want to throw out some electrifying bolts of justice into some ruthless and unscrupulous interplanetary jerks? We’ve all been there; am I right? That’s why I was asked to leave Cape Canaveral; all I tried to do was sneak my way onto the space station. Although I’ll probably never get to explore the vastness of space, at least I can do it in … Continue reading The Technomancer Shows Off New E3 Trailer

EVE: Valkyrie Receives New ‘Carrier Assault’ Update

Dogfighting in space is the coolest thing ever! Well, not when it’s being run by Michael Vick; I mean ships. Streaks of exhaust filling a small void, as cruisers fly between floating debris and laser bolts being shot at them. It usually comes down to one of the pilots getting the advantage, lining up their crosshairs, and waiting for the sweet sound of a lock-on. … Continue reading EVE: Valkyrie Receives New ‘Carrier Assault’ Update

Explore The Horrors Of Transhumanism In Phantaruk

Polyslash is introducing its newest game Phantaruk, a survival-horror game set on the spaceship Purity-02. Set in the distant future, the Purity-02 is a biological research lab that is helping to develop new technology in the field of transhumanism. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it’s a movement that wishes to create a post-human subculture that takes the soul of humans but puts them … Continue reading Explore The Horrors Of Transhumanism In Phantaruk

CrossCode Getting A Huge Content Update

In case you couldn’t tell- I’m a huge fan of classic RPGs. I’m a little partial to Turn-Based, but I enjoy a good action entry as well. Given that most choices stem down to third-person button mashers or western sandbox, I’m always interested when I see a studio shaking things up. Taking familiar gameplay and structure, but bending it just enough to make something new … Continue reading CrossCode Getting A Huge Content Update

There Came An Echo Review

 There Came An Echo never feels repetitive due to a lot of different scenarios and a flowing narrative, but it’s confusing storyline, and one-day length can turn a lot of people off. Using voice commands could be an excellent sub-genre of gaming, and this is the closest I’ve seen any studio getting to making it successful. While I laud the developers for tackling this style … Continue reading There Came An Echo Review

Fragments Of Him Video Review

Fragments of Him is an empathy game, through and through. If you’re not into these kinds of games, list it as a ‘walking simulator’ and keep on stepping. If you’re into emotional experiences, know that this isn’t the best out there. It feels pretty amateurish; like an ambitious and heartfelt project that turned into a sophomore’s poem. There are some impressive moments, brilliant camera work … Continue reading Fragments Of Him Video Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Eclipse Review

Eclipse is a pretty standard DLC package at best, and a stroke job at worst. Not only do the maps feel tired and haphazardly thrown together, but they don’t offer much regarding strategic diversity. There is one map that’s fun, and like Nuketown and other fantastic maps, it’s the ones that step away from the narratively sensitive and decides to slum it at a place … Continue reading Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Eclipse Review

Corpse Party Review

 Corpse Party is everything you want in a scary game. It’s mood and tone pull you in and never seem to let you go. The haunting story is one that’s guaranteed to make you cringe and explores some heavy themes and horrifying scenarios. While the game does show its age, the developers are like no-armed artists who have painted a fantastically frightening landscape with their … Continue reading Corpse Party Review