smileTrevor Anderson is a filmmaker and editor based out of St. Petersburg Florida but spent his earlier years stomping through the Smokey Mountains. From a very early age, Trevor enjoyed writing stories and creating videos on an old VHS camcorder. He was inspired by comics from the 90’s, high-concept films and video games. In his teenage years, he was accepted into the pilot year of Dixie Hollins’ Graphic Arts Program where he discovered various new art forms. He graduated with two diplomas, two awards from the county for his creations and contributions to the school’s editorial board.

Trevor went into print, where he worked for years developing signs and banners for local business across Pinellas County. Trevor was able to hone in on developing multiple design styles, unique solutions and working directly with clients. Trevor continued to make short films, mostly through the 48 Hour Film Festival and various other breakneck competitions. Trevor won several awards for these films, including Best Short Film at Florida Reel Film Festival for ‘The List,’ Best SFX for ‘Phoenix Rising,’ and Best Writing, Audience Award and Grand Jury Award for ‘Project: Origin.’

As Trevor developed his skills, he began producing content for a website called MouseN’Joypad, a gaming website based out of the United Kingdom. Quickly rising through the ranks as a writer, he quickly became a video reviewer and editor for the United States division. Trevor would assist in creating promos and covering special events across the country, including PAX and E3. Trevor continued working for the site until it shut down in 2016.

After leaving print he would go on to open Super Techno Train Productions, a video production and graphic design company that helps local businesses and events develop their branding. Creating logos, internal documents, advertisements and video packages, his works helped these organizations find their visual identity and attract more attention. Trevor continues creating commercial spots, live presentations and instructional videos.

Super Techno Train Productions has also assisted in wedding videos, shooting live events and narrative fiction. Trevor assisted in helping to finance and develop the successful short film ‘Love Is Black & White,’ ‘500 Thousand Dollar Wall,’ and is currently producing a brand new series called ‘Angry Chef.’

Trevor was approached by long-time collaborators Lester Bullock and Josh Martin, two acclaimed television producers, to help develop a new channel for YouTube called ‘Channel Fluxx.’ We empower web series creators by providing them with production budgets, help oversee their development and assist in finding distribution. Trevor seeks out talent, assists in developing pilots, and assists in marketing the company and its shows.

Trevor continues making video reviews for Fluxx under the banner of ‘Review Fluxx,’ where he writes, narrates and edits his critiques of film and video games.

If you’d like to hire Trevor for some freelance work, please contact him through his contact page for more information on how he can help you with your project.