Horizon Zero Dawn Video Review

This game is an absolute masterpiece, and should be played by everyone. Anyone who enjoys Naughty Dog games like Uncharted or Last of Us should go out and immediately pick this game up. It’s heartbreaking story and imaginative setting will sit with you long after you pry the controller from your hands. The gameplay is fast, complex and accessible enough for anyone to pick up … Continue reading Horizon Zero Dawn Video Review

The Witcher III Wild Hunt Video Review

I was not impressed by The Witcher 3, and it really only feels like a slightly better than average RPG. There’s some great potential here, but it feels like the designers wanted to impress us more in the first few hours as opposed to delivering a coherent and engaging experience throughout. The narrative starts to fall apart, and the burst of excitement you get in … Continue reading The Witcher III Wild Hunt Video Review

The Last Guardian Video Review

The Last Guardian was so disappointing for me; it’s a decent enough game that feels like it could’ve been amazing. The gameplay had me controller throwing mad at points, but the storyline saved me from dropping out before it’s conclusion. It’s a game I can’t guarantee you’ll love or hate, but I can promise you’ll understand both sides of the argument. There’s no real reason … Continue reading The Last Guardian Video Review

Final Fantasy XV Video Review

Simply put, Final Fantasy XV doesn’t feel originally inspired, and after ten years of development I expect more than a regrouping of ideas from other successful games. While it’s simplistic and fun battle system has me excited for Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Final Fantasy 7 remake, it’s overly simplistic and uninspired approach leaves nothing to strategize or contemplate. It feels like a stepping stone … Continue reading Final Fantasy XV Video Review

Crimson Room: Decade Review

Crimson Room: Decade will not be on anyone’s favorite puzzle games list. It’s aggravatingly unfair and lacks any imagination for a game that proudly proclaims ten years of experience. The unnecessarily complicated storyline is delivered so fast and then is completely forgotten when some discovery could’ve made it another mystery to solve. The actual puzzles are so asinine, that you’ll usually think there’s something more … Continue reading Crimson Room: Decade Review

You’re a Monochrome Gangster Battling Colorful Monsters In ‘Timothy vs The Aliens’

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster… In a game. Not in real life- that’d be just terrifying. But, if there were one thing that always came in a close second, it would be taking on an alien invasion. I know, I was a weird child. Well, I guess my dreams are finally coming true because a game … Continue reading You’re a Monochrome Gangster Battling Colorful Monsters In ‘Timothy vs The Aliens’

Fragments Of Him Video Review

Fragments of Him is an empathy game, through and through. If you’re not into these kinds of games, list it as a ‘walking simulator’ and keep on stepping. If you’re into emotional experiences, know that this isn’t the best out there. It feels pretty amateurish; like an ambitious and heartfelt project that turned into a sophomore’s poem. There are some impressive moments, brilliant camera work … Continue reading Fragments Of Him Video Review

Goetia Video Review

Goetia is one of those games that seems like it’s going to be good but then wows you with how exceptional it is. From the masterful storytelling, nerve-rattling audio and jaw-dropping visuals, this game deserves recognition for its near flawless composition. The story of a young woman’s spirit digging through a gigantic tomb in search of her family’s downfall is so poignant and engaging that … Continue reading Goetia Video Review

I Want To Be Human Review

I’m not going to mince words- I did not enjoy my time with ‘I Want To Be Human.’ Outside of the game’s buggy and outdated gameplay, it lacks anything memorable or interesting enough to keep anyone’s attention for very long. Sure, it’s quirky- but it’s that kind of humor that’s weird for cringy sake. If you can get past the poor controls and frustrating level … Continue reading I Want To Be Human Review

Epistory: Typing Chronicles Review

Epistory nails a lot of the hallmarks of a good adventure game, but it’s interesting typing premise brings down the experience. While I respect their ambitions to make a game where you switch between movement and typing, it might take you a long while before you feel comfortable with the setup. It’s not a bad game by any means, and if you’re looking for a … Continue reading Epistory: Typing Chronicles Review