Rocket League: Dropshot Quick Video Review

I mentioned in my last review, I’m a huge fan of Rocket League, and why wouldn’t I be? They are constantly updating their game with new vehicles and exciting game modes, from basketball to hockey, and not to mention it has CARS PLAYING SOCCER! It’s awesome! Of course, now they’re doing a volleyball/tennis kinda thing, and it’s just making me wonder when they’re going to … Continue reading Rocket League: Dropshot Quick Video Review

DiscStorm Review

 DiscStorm has a solid foundation built on the interesting idea of a disc-based combat game, but the experience doesn’t do enough to keep it interesting.  Some may want to pick it up for its fun environments, rocking soundtrack and fast-paced action, and they might get some enjoyment out of single player.  However, don’t buy it expecting good multiplayer arena battles; the game offers no online … Continue reading DiscStorm Review

Rocket League Review

Rocket League may be a real contender for game of the year.  It’s simplistic controls makes this an accessible game for everyone, and encourages players to naturally improve as they learn the finesse it takes to win matches.  It’s a game where goals are made quickly, and your emotions will jump between dead serious and ravenously enthralled.  For a budget title game, this may be … Continue reading Rocket League Review

The Weaponographist Review

The Weaponographist may look simple, but its design provides a fast-paced stream of non-stop action, where you’ll have to change your approach depending on what weapon you pick up.  While it shares some similarities to Binding of Isaac, this game sets itself apart with its emphasis on constant assaults and ever-changing strategy, but also fails to match BoI’s level of polish and exploration.  The game … Continue reading The Weaponographist Review