Skyshine’s Bedlam Video Review

Skyshine’s Bedlam is without a doubt a game tactical-RPG fans should pick up.  It’s a tough journey through an uninhabitable land of failed transhumans, mutants, and marauders, in a sandy world reminiscent of Fallout.  While I found it extremely disappointing to see that the developers favored the gameplay over the story, you can’t blame them when the strategy is so apace.  It rewards those who … Continue reading Skyshine’s Bedlam Video Review

Icy Video Review

Icy is a monotonous slog through an uninspired and paper-thin game.  Not only is the game a chore to sit through, but it’s buggy on top of everything else.  There are some decent plot points and adequate revelations to this game, but it’s all marred by Icy’s complete lack of effort.  There isn’t one visual element in this game that has more than one frame, consisting … Continue reading Icy Video Review