Rocket League: Dropshot Quick Video Review

I mentioned in my last review, I’m a huge fan of Rocket League, and why wouldn’t I be? They are constantly updating their game with new vehicles and exciting game modes, from basketball to hockey, and not to mention it has CARS PLAYING SOCCER! It’s awesome! Of course, now they’re doing a volleyball/tennis kinda thing, and it’s just making me wonder when they’re going to … Continue reading Rocket League: Dropshot Quick Video Review

Speedrunners Review

 Speedrunners is a nearly perfect game for what it is. A simple 2D foot race, that with practice can become a hyper fast, adrenaline pumping whirlwind of perfectly timed swings and dashes. It brought me back to my childhood and made me wish I had hours upon hours to spend becoming proficient at its “hard to master” gameplay. All the characters are ridiculously imaginative, and … Continue reading Speedrunners Review