Disc Jam Video Review

I just can’t help but feel like I’m playing a beta build of an early access, not a fully fleshed out retail release. The developers have promised updates in the future, and maybe they’ll fix the dead on arrival servers and add in some community-building features, but I’m reviewing the game now. As it stands, this game provides a burst of innovation and possibilities, but … Continue reading Disc Jam Video Review

Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball Video Review

Disco Dodgeball is a game that anyone who enjoys first person shooters should honestly consider. Sadly, there’s not a huge fan base with this game, but the ones that are there are friendly and supportive, and there’s a nice catalogue of guides to help you learn the ropes. It’s non-stop frantic fun that gets more rewarding as you become a stronger droid, and nothing tops … Continue reading Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball Video Review

Speedrunners Review

 Speedrunners is a nearly perfect game for what it is. A simple 2D foot race, that with practice can become a hyper fast, adrenaline pumping whirlwind of perfectly timed swings and dashes. It brought me back to my childhood and made me wish I had hours upon hours to spend becoming proficient at its “hard to master” gameplay. All the characters are ridiculously imaginative, and … Continue reading Speedrunners Review

Tachyon Project Review

Tachyon Project is an interesting shooter that has a lot going for it.  Its time-based system offers a great benefit to the truly brave and agile, rewarding those who ride combos without getting scratched.  You’re also given a story about hacking to add some contextual weight to your actions, including some flavor text to go along with each mission.  While the art design and audio … Continue reading Tachyon Project Review