Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball Video Review

Disco Dodgeball is a game that anyone who enjoys first person shooters should honestly consider. Sadly, there’s not a huge fan base with this game, but the ones that are there are friendly and supportive, and there’s a nice catalogue of guides to help you learn the ropes. It’s non-stop frantic fun that gets more rewarding as you become a stronger droid, and nothing tops … Continue reading Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball Video Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Eclipse Review

Eclipse is a pretty standard DLC package at best, and a stroke job at worst. Not only do the maps feel tired and haphazardly thrown together, but they don’t offer much regarding strategic diversity. There is one map that’s fun, and like Nuketown and other fantastic maps, it’s the ones that step away from the narratively sensitive and decides to slum it at a place … Continue reading Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Eclipse Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Review

Black Ops III is another enjoyable entry in the franchise.  Multiplayer adds some new bells and whistles to keep it feeling new while maintaining it’s turbocharged gameplay that twitch shooters will continue obsessing over.  The addition of wall running and swimming adds enough spice to justify another purchase, and the Specialist class makes it feel like a whole new experience.  The story mode, however, is … Continue reading Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Review

Bedlam Review

The further I got in the game, the higher my frustrations got.  Bedlam fails to create the atmosphere of retro shooters or to even properly analyse 90’s FPSs.  The experience hides its own flaws behind the guise of being a caricature.  Nothing in this game feels modern, and the badly designed levels and gameplay would’ve been considered poor back in the days of Half-Life.  The … Continue reading Bedlam Review

Sublevel Zero Review

 There’s no reason you shouldn’t pick up this game if you’re a fan of rogue-like games or space shooters.  If you’re a connoisseur of both, you should stop reading and download this game.  It does everything right, offering a wide assortment of weapons and ships and an impressive variety of customization.  The story is engaging enough to remember, and data logs are there for those … Continue reading Sublevel Zero Review

System Shock Review

System Shock rightfully deserves its spot in the annals of history, but the experience simply isn’t that enjoyable today.  It’s innovative controls left a lasting impression on the industry but lacks the improvements that we find commonplace today. SHODAN and the storyline were revolutionary at the time, but by today’s standards, it’s simply not enough to engage you for the long hours it takes to … Continue reading System Shock Review

Sunset Review

Sunset is an overall disappointment to anyone who enjoys immersive, interactive fiction.  The game meanders around, providing more style than substance, and offers nothing new or engaging to experienced players.  Not only does it feel like a slog to get through, but it hangs around far too long after it’s worn out its welcome.  It’s hard getting immersed in such an innocuous and boring character, … Continue reading Sunset Review

Magnetic: Cage Closed Review

Walking in, I felt this game may have been standing on the shoulders of giants. However, somewhere along the line, it fell face first into a dead horse. When compared to other similar games, this one doesn’t even come close. On its own merits, this game is nowhere near the quality one would expect from a platform puzzler with some much possibility. It’s lacking a … Continue reading Magnetic: Cage Closed Review

Titanfall 2 Confirmed To Be Coming To Multiple Platforms

Vince Zampelia, CEO and founder of Respawn, has revealed that Titanfall 2 is going to be released on multiple platforms.  The first game in the series was nominated for several awards at last night’s BAFTA Games Awards, where he revealed to reporters that the game is currently in development. “I guess EA announced a sequel, so I could play coy and pretend I don’t know … Continue reading Titanfall 2 Confirmed To Be Coming To Multiple Platforms