The Witness Video Review

The Witness feels like it’s living in the shadow of better puzzle games. While the graph-based challenges are about 20 hours of fun, and I could see me plowing my way through a book of them, there’s nothing to reward your dedication. It’s beautiful, but there’s no music, no story, no discernible themes; it’s a complete and utter wash outside of figuring out where to … Continue reading The Witness Video Review

Between Me and The Night Review

I wish I could say I loved this game.  It’s the kind of experience we need more of in our ‘Generic Knight’, beat up the bad guy era of gaming.  I’m a defender of empathy games, and I love putting myself in the shoes of other people.  While it doesn’t commit the cardinal sin of being boring, it does lack a clear direction.  After two … Continue reading Between Me and The Night Review

Bedlam Review

The further I got in the game, the higher my frustrations got.  Bedlam fails to create the atmosphere of retro shooters or to even properly analyse 90’s FPSs.  The experience hides its own flaws behind the guise of being a caricature.  Nothing in this game feels modern, and the badly designed levels and gameplay would’ve been considered poor back in the days of Half-Life.  The … Continue reading Bedlam Review

Conflicted Interests In Videogame Journalism

A Look At The Absence Of Objectivism Between Games Journalists And Their Readers “Can I give you a Christmas card?  Well, generally I think most people would say a Christmas card would not necessarily make you bias in some way.  Can I give you a gift of some value?  Well, maybe- but how much value?  Can I give you a ruler that had my company’s … Continue reading Conflicted Interests In Videogame Journalism

Nintendo Shocks Industry By Entering The Mobile Market

Japanese company DeNA will be distributing games, most likely through Mobage Nintendo will be entering into the mobile game market, announcing today a strategic ‘business and capital alliance’ with DeNA, owner of Japan’s most popular distribution system Mobage.  In a press release, Nintendo stated;In order to create completely new game experiences for smart devices, all Nintendo IP will be eligible for development and exploration by … Continue reading Nintendo Shocks Industry By Entering The Mobile Market