The Witness Video Review

The Witness feels like it’s living in the shadow of better puzzle games. While the graph-based challenges are about 20 hours of fun, and I could see me plowing my way through a book of them, there’s nothing to reward your dedication. It’s beautiful, but there’s no music, no story, no discernible themes; it’s a complete and utter wash outside of figuring out where to … Continue reading The Witness Video Review

Crimson Room: Decade Review

Crimson Room: Decade will not be on anyone’s favorite puzzle games list. It’s aggravatingly unfair and lacks any imagination for a game that proudly proclaims ten years of experience. The unnecessarily complicated storyline is delivered so fast and then is completely forgotten when some discovery could’ve made it another mystery to solve. The actual puzzles are so asinine, that you’ll usually think there’s something more … Continue reading Crimson Room: Decade Review

Goetia Video Review

Goetia is one of those games that seems like it’s going to be good but then wows you with how exceptional it is. From the masterful storytelling, nerve-rattling audio and jaw-dropping visuals, this game deserves recognition for its near flawless composition. The story of a young woman’s spirit digging through a gigantic tomb in search of her family’s downfall is so poignant and engaging that … Continue reading Goetia Video Review

Deponia Doomsday Video Review

I love Daedalic Entertainment. They’re single-handedly showing that Point and Click Adventures are still a viable source for thoughtful and engaging entertainment. While Deponia Doomsday isn’t my favorite of the series, it’s still worth journeying through once again. The story isn’t as focused as it could’ve been and spends most of its time justifying the trilogy’s ending in some moments that feel more like lecturing … Continue reading Deponia Doomsday Video Review

Heaven’s Hope Review

 Heaven’s Hope is a mediocre game at best.  It really doesn’t have a ton to offer veteran players, and the challenge is almost non-existent. Worst of all, the game feels like one of those Christian pamphlets you get on your car window.  Given the subject matter, it is refreshing that the game condemns zealotry while promoting rationalism.  I enjoyed the spiritual and moral aspects of … Continue reading Heaven’s Hope Review

In Between Video Review

In Between, like its name suggests, is in between my recommendations.  The puzzles are expertly crafted, offering a great balance of level fairness and precise timing.  The story’s presentation is impressive and offers a deep experience with a minimalist presentation of hand drawn artwork.  My biggest problem is that the game is simply too jaded to be declared enjoyable, offering a desolate and hopeless look at … Continue reading In Between Video Review

The Cat Machine Review

When I first saw the game, I felt like they may be using the cuteness factor of cats to sell a subpar puzzle game.  I was wrong.  The game offers some real challenge, demanding that you build an all-purpose solution to several different problems.  The Cat Machine requires crafty thinking and some patience in order to solve these complex conundrums.  Anyone looking for a great … Continue reading The Cat Machine Review

Magnetic: Cage Closed Review

Walking in, I felt this game may have been standing on the shoulders of giants. However, somewhere along the line, it fell face first into a dead horse. When compared to other similar games, this one doesn’t even come close. On its own merits, this game is nowhere near the quality one would expect from a platform puzzler with some much possibility. It’s lacking a … Continue reading Magnetic: Cage Closed Review