The Witness Video Review

The Witness feels like it’s living in the shadow of better puzzle games. While the graph-based challenges are about 20 hours of fun, and I could see me plowing my way through a book of them, there’s nothing to reward your dedication. It’s beautiful, but there’s no music, no story, no discernible themes; it’s a complete and utter wash outside of figuring out where to … Continue reading The Witness Video Review

In Between Video Review

In Between, like its name suggests, is in between my recommendations.  The puzzles are expertly crafted, offering a great balance of level fairness and precise timing.  The story’s presentation is impressive and offers a deep experience with a minimalist presentation of hand drawn artwork.  My biggest problem is that the game is simply too jaded to be declared enjoyable, offering a desolate and hopeless look at … Continue reading In Between Video Review

The Cat Machine Review

When I first saw the game, I felt like they may be using the cuteness factor of cats to sell a subpar puzzle game.  I was wrong.  The game offers some real challenge, demanding that you build an all-purpose solution to several different problems.  The Cat Machine requires crafty thinking and some patience in order to solve these complex conundrums.  Anyone looking for a great … Continue reading The Cat Machine Review

Magnetic: Cage Closed Review

Walking in, I felt this game may have been standing on the shoulders of giants. However, somewhere along the line, it fell face first into a dead horse. When compared to other similar games, this one doesn’t even come close. On its own merits, this game is nowhere near the quality one would expect from a platform puzzler with some much possibility. It’s lacking a … Continue reading Magnetic: Cage Closed Review