The Witness Video Review

The Witness feels like it’s living in the shadow of better puzzle games. While the graph-based challenges are about 20 hours of fun, and I could see me plowing my way through a book of them, there’s nothing to reward your dedication. It’s beautiful, but there’s no music, no story, no discernible themes; it’s a complete and utter wash outside of figuring out where to … Continue reading The Witness Video Review

Heaven’s Hope Review

 Heaven’s Hope is a mediocre game at best.  It really doesn’t have a ton to offer veteran players, and the challenge is almost non-existent. Worst of all, the game feels like one of those Christian pamphlets you get on your car window.  Given the subject matter, it is refreshing that the game condemns zealotry while promoting rationalism.  I enjoyed the spiritual and moral aspects of … Continue reading Heaven’s Hope Review

Alpha Polaris: A Horror Adventure Game Review

While it lacks the finesse needed in the genre, Alpha Polaris nails several key areas.  They took one of nature’s most beautiful anomalies and added a dark presence to it.  You’ll truly feel the isolation of living out in the tundra.  Unfortunately, the developers seem like they tackled a larger project than they could handle, and the game focuses itself in all of the wrong … Continue reading Alpha Polaris: A Horror Adventure Game Review

Evoland 2 Review

Improving vastly over the previous installment, Evoland 2 is a must-play for fans of action RPGs.  The game’s world is rich with backstory, the characters are entertaining and the original content is far more enjoyable than I ever imagined.  The game is, however, buggy, and you will need to restart the game a few time.  Small patchable flaws aside, this game is a thoroughly enjoyable … Continue reading Evoland 2 Review