Crimson Room: Decade Review

Crimson Room: Decade will not be on anyone’s favorite puzzle games list. It’s aggravatingly unfair and lacks any imagination for a game that proudly proclaims ten years of experience. The unnecessarily complicated storyline is delivered so fast and then is completely forgotten when some discovery could’ve made it another mystery to solve. The actual puzzles are so asinine, that you’ll usually think there’s something more … Continue reading Crimson Room: Decade Review

Bedlam Review

The further I got in the game, the higher my frustrations got.  Bedlam fails to create the atmosphere of retro shooters or to even properly analyse 90’s FPSs.  The experience hides its own flaws behind the guise of being a caricature.  Nothing in this game feels modern, and the badly designed levels and gameplay would’ve been considered poor back in the days of Half-Life.  The … Continue reading Bedlam Review

System Shock Review

System Shock rightfully deserves its spot in the annals of history, but the experience simply isn’t that enjoyable today.  It’s innovative controls left a lasting impression on the industry but lacks the improvements that we find commonplace today. SHODAN and the storyline were revolutionary at the time, but by today’s standards, it’s simply not enough to engage you for the long hours it takes to … Continue reading System Shock Review

Battle Fantasia: Revised Edition Review

This beautiful and inspired fighter has aged well, but this bare-bones edition is far from ‘Revised’.  The game does feature an engaging and fair fighting system with creative 3D characters and a cheerful storyline that’ll surely make you chuckle as you play through it.  Outside of that, the game suffers from a horrendous network feature, uninspired game modes, and only native voice overs.  For a … Continue reading Battle Fantasia: Revised Edition Review