Shadowrun Hong Kong Video Review

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is well worth putting up with the hard edges of an otherwise fine diamond of a game. It’s D&D inspired world is not only rich with lore and themes, but its fantastic characters and engaging plot makes this a solid 20 hour experience. If you’re not into reading a novel’s worth of dialogue and emails, there are more action-based experiences out there, … Continue reading Shadowrun Hong Kong Video Review

There Came An Echo Review

 There Came An Echo never feels repetitive due to a lot of different scenarios and a flowing narrative, but it’s confusing storyline, and one-day length can turn a lot of people off. Using voice commands could be an excellent sub-genre of gaming, and this is the closest I’ve seen any studio getting to making it successful. While I laud the developers for tackling this style … Continue reading There Came An Echo Review

Death By Game Show Review

Mike Judge should be blushing because this new take on the strategy genre has been infused with his magical extract of vulgarity and satire.  Regarding style, the game has a distinct feel.  The speedy gameplay has an innovative approach.  Sadly, the execution is entirely off, and everything from the mechanics to the audio comes across as muddled and half-baked.  There’s simply too many missing opportunities … Continue reading Death By Game Show Review

Tactical Soccer: The New Season Review

 Tactical Soccer: The New Season is a fresh idea that comes to your computer spoiled.  Turn-based strategy on a football field; fast-paced sports with the strategy of chess seems like a match made in heaven.  As a casual fan, I was excited about really breaking down maneuvers and formulating my own style of attack.  Sadly, everything about the experience doesn’t work, including its selling point. … Continue reading Tactical Soccer: The New Season Review

Skyshine’s Bedlam Video Review

Skyshine’s Bedlam is without a doubt a game tactical-RPG fans should pick up.  It’s a tough journey through an uninhabitable land of failed transhumans, mutants, and marauders, in a sandy world reminiscent of Fallout.  While I found it extremely disappointing to see that the developers favored the gameplay over the story, you can’t blame them when the strategy is so apace.  It rewards those who … Continue reading Skyshine’s Bedlam Video Review

Calvino Noir Review

Calvino Noir was a game I really couldn’t wait to play.  Having grown up watching Turner Classic Movies, this was one of my highlights for the month.  As the game progressed, I kept reassuring myself that it would pick up, and become a better experience.  Sadly, it never did.  The game’s challenge is unfair.  Its mystery is spoon fed.  Everything about this experience, besides the … Continue reading Calvino Noir Review

Space Colony: Steam Edition Review

Space Colony: Steam Edition has moments where it really shows its age, but for those who don’t mind playing older games- this one does hold up pretty well.  Its quirky characters and multi-leveled gameplay should provide fans of the genre some enjoyment, however frustrating that may become.  Outside of some cleaned up visuals, this game remains largely the same, including some truly frustrating levels.  Those … Continue reading Space Colony: Steam Edition Review